Seth Rollins Talks Iconic Entrance, Compares It To The Shield

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins’ WWE entrance gets one of the loudest reactions each week.

Fans instantly join in with the melody of The Visionary’s song from the moment that the opening riff hits the arena, continuing even as the music dies down.

Now closing in on 11 years since his main roster debut, Rollins’ current presentation looks a world apart from his entrance as part of The Shield alongside Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. Instead of the entrance ramp, the dominant faction would walk down the stairs and through the crowd on their way to the ring.

Speaking with GQ, the World Heavyweight Champion discussed his current entrance and how it is on par with The Shield’s iconic introduction:

“Oh, hands down. I mean, look, you want to go back a dozen years, it probably rivals the energy of [Rollins’ iconic WWE faction] The Shield’s entrance. There’s something special about coming in right through the people—that really riles you up, because you’re just in there with it. But for me as a solo performer, the energy and the relationship I have with the audience at the moment is on another level.

It’s 13 years into my WWE career now. It’s something I could have never expected. So, it’s really fantastic to be at this point, to be having so much fun, and to feel like everyone’s out there having fun with you. As soon as the ‘Burn It Down’ hits your ears, it just feels like a party out there. And I’m very, very, very humbled to be at the centre of that.”

Seth Rollins To Defend WWE Championship Against A New Challenger

Following on from a successful title defence at SummerSlam, Rollins has no time to rest as World Heavyweight Champion. Following an attack by Shinsuke Nakamura on the following episode of Raw, The Visionary and The King of Strong Style would meet in the ring on August 14th. Rollins knew what Nakamura wanted, and agreed to put the title on the line in the near future.

In the same interview, Rollins revealed what happens to his outlandish outfits after they are seen on TV.