Seth Rollins Responds To Bret Hart Calling Him “Unsafe”

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins addressed Bret Hart’s 2016 claim that he was “unsafe.”

Back in 2015, Seth Rollins and John Cena faced off against one another in a match for the United States Championship on Monday Night Raw. Cena’s nose was broken thanks to an errant knee from Rollins, and WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart later took Rollins to task for “unprofessional.”

When asked about these comments by Alex McCarthy in an interview for Mail Online, Rollins made it clear that he admires Hart and the two were able to discuss their differences and hash things out at a WWE Hall of Fame ceremony. He admitted that the comments did hurt his feelings, and he’s happy that they were able to have a discussion.

“I love Bret Hart, I’ll preface this. Bret didn’t really critique me, he called me ‘unsafe’. Bret’s going to spit the truth, he’ll tell you from what he saw he thought I was an unsafe worker, and I would say anybody I’ve ever been in the ring with would tell you the exact opposite, including the guys who have got injured during matches with me – that’s a fact I think.

“To finish it up nicely, I did approach Bret at a Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Bret was backstage and we ended up in the catering line together and I said ‘Hey man’ and he said ‘Hey’ and I just said ‘I wanted to tell you as somebody who looked up to you lot and still does – it really kind of hurt my feelings.”

“I felt bad and I don’t say that often. Bret was a hero of mine when I was growing up and so to have someone like that criticise you and your work and your work ethic and your empathy towards other people, that really is painful. So, I expressed that to him and I don’t think he knew that I had that feeling towards him, I don’t think he knew I cared about him that way and it hit him in a spot and he apologised and we have been friends since then and we’ve had good conversations. I’m happy we did do that as Bret is still someone I look up to to this day.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Rollins addressed the plans for his Monday Night Messiah character and why his faction was scrapped.

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