Seth Rollins On Modern Wrestling vs The Past – “We’re Not Sitting In Headlocks For 2 Hours”

Seth Rollins headlocks Dominik Mysterio

Seth Rollins has re-ignited the debate between modern wrestling and the sport in days gone by and says it’s a “different type of physicality” felt today.

The debate over modern wrestling vs. wrestling from the past is one sure to remain as the decades go on and different generations of talents set foot in the ring.

For some fans, the authenticity and ruggedness of the past will always be what wrestling should be while more modern fans might be more inclined to enjoy a flip or seventeen in their preferred style. What all fans should be able to agree on is that it’s a good thing for those that put their body’s on the line for entertainment don’t have to do so over 300 days a year anymore.

Speaking on The Pat McAfee Show, Seth Rollins discussed that very topic and says wrestling, like the NFL, has moved on and that brings a whole different kind of physicality:

“We’re not sitting in headlocks for two hours out there. We’re coming off the top rope. We’re flying all around. The expectations – our audience is so different. It’s like the NFL has evolved so much and you have a lot of the old hats who say it’s not the same thing. Sure, the quarterbacks don’t take as much punishment as they used to, but the game is so much faster. The hits are so much more dynamic because the speed of the game has picked up.”

“It’s the same thing in our industry. It’s high impact all the time, bang, bang, bang, so even if we’re not doing, say, 300 matches a year, it’s a different type of physicality we’re experiencing in there. It’s just totally different.”

Seth Rollins also had some harsh words for Logan Paul and says he believes Paul is only involved with WWE for his own personal gain.