Seth Rollins Makes Bold Injury Prediction

Seth Rollins on WWE Raw

Seth Rollins is determined to be back to his best by WrestleMania 40.

Following a successful World Title defence on WWE Raw, it was revealed that Seth Rollins had suffered a knee injury. Furthermore, it was serious enough to have many fans and insiders fearing that his WrestleMania dreams could be over.

However, appearing on the January 22nd episode of the red brand, Seth Rollins told fans that he’d suffered a torn MCL as well as a partially torn medial meniscus, but crucially he intends to compete at WrestleMania.

Speaking to Daniel Cormier on the DC & RC Show, Rollins gave a further update on his status and confirmed that he plans to be back at full strength in one month.

“WrestleMania is the big thing. That’s the one. You want to do everything you can to get ready for that show. WrestleMania, especially this year, 40 years, it’s going to be huge. I’ve never carried a World Title into WrestleMania. I’ve never even been a champion during the Royal Rumble. This weekend itself is especially important because I’m a prize. Myself and Roman Reigns, we’re a prize. For the first time ever.

I’ve been in the Rumble, I’ve been one of the guys trying to get to that spot, but I’ve never been on the other side of it. It feels very cool, in a way, to be on the sidelines.

That said, rehab is going to be a pain. Dodged a bullet, the ACL is intact. The ACL is the big one. That one is good. The MCL will heal with time. We’ll get in there, we’ll do some stuff, we’ll check out the PRP and do some rehab. I’m hoping to be back at full strength around a month. Around a month is my timeline. We’ll see what happens. We’re going to take it day to day. I’d like to be back in a month.

I don’t want to walk into WrestleMania and that be my first match in two or three months. That’s not going to be good for me. I want to be able to get back in there, test the wheel out, and make sure we’re in a good place.

We’ll see how it goes. I’m taking it day by day, and I’m happy we dodged a bullet, and it wasn’t anything too serious that was going to put me on the shelf for six to nine months,”

Seth Rollins To Face Gunther?

It had widely been believed that Rollins is racing to be fit for a match with CM Punk in Philadelphia, but it seems that WWE might have different plans.

According to a new report, Cody Rhodes won’t be finishing his story at Wrestlemania, instead facing CM Punk. Meanwhile, Roman Reigns will meet The Rock, and Rollins will take on the Royal Rumble winner, Gunther.

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