SCRYPTS finally made his debut on NXT television on the 22nd of November and he appears to be a repackaged former Raw star and multiple-time champion.

For weeks, vignettes have aired on NXT television promising the debut of the mysterious SCRYPTS and now fans have got a taste of just what he has to offer on the white and gold brand as he made his in-ring debut. The acrobatic newcomer to the brand made quick work of Guru Raaj, defeating him in just over a minute.

It didn’t take Sherlock Holmes to work out that SCRYPTS is the new identity of former Raw star and 4-time 24/7 Champion, Reggie. Reggie began life on the WWE main roster by the side of Carmella as her own personal sommelier before breaking out on his own on Raw.

Throughout the second half of 2021, Reggie was featured most weeks on the red brand as he wowed crowds with his gymnastic skills as he battled for the 24/7 Title, often escaping with the belt.

Also on NXT, another former Raw star also changed gimmicks as he re-debuted on the brand, taking out North American Champion Wes Lee to end the show after Lee successfully defended his title against Carmelo Hayes.