Scott Steiner Blames Himself For WWE Hall Of Fame Delay

Scott Steiner Rick Steiner WWE Hall of Fame

Scott Steiner in the WWE Hall of Fame should be a no-brainer but the former WCW World Champion spent years making such a thing seem impossible.

Steiner’s run in WWE following the demise of WCW is not one fondly looked back on by anyone. The star failed to live up to the hype and over the years he has made clear he believes that Triple H didn’t want him to succeed in the company and threaten his own spot at the top.

That led to Scott Steiner making very public comments towards Triple H and WWE which made it unlikely that the star would ever be honoured with a Hall of Fame induction. However, since WWE signed his nephew Bron Breakker, Steiner has been a lot less vocal.

Delay In Scott Steiner’s WWE Hall Of Fame Induction “Self-Induced”

Speaking on the Two Man Power Trip, Scott Steiner spoke about being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame alongside his brother Rick in 2022:

It was great. I got inducted in the Dan Gable Hall of Fame in Iowa when I got a call from WWE. The fact that Bronson [Bron Breakker] was the guy to introduce us made it all that more special. It was a good night.

Given Steiner’s extreme comments about both WWE and Triple H over the years, the star was asked if he was surprised to finally receive the call and admits the delay was down to him:

Yeah, that was self-induced. After I went to WWE when they bought WCW, I went up there hurt and wasn’t as mobile. I was p*ssed off, and it took a while for me to get over that. It’s never good to hang onto that stuff. Since Bronson was there, It made the decision that much more easier.

As The Steiners, Rick and Scott were WWE Tag Team Champions on two occasions as well as holding the NWA, WCW, and IWGP Tag Team Titles.

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