Scott D’Amore Clashed With Bosses Ahead Of TNA Wrestling Exit

Scott D'Amore TNA

Scott D’Amore’s exit from TNA Wrestling was far from mutual.

On February 7th it was announced that Scott D’Amore had been fired from his post as President of IMPACT Wrestling. The veteran had been credited with helping turn the company around, but parent company Anthem Entertainment decided change was needed.

The move caught many by surprise, with several wrestlers going public with their disappointment at the change.

Meanwhile, a new report from Fightful Select has given more background on D’Amore’s firing and how it played out.

Crucially, it appears that D’Amore didn’t want to leave TNA, although the wheels were set into motion a month prior to his departure. Anthem Entertainment –TNA’s parent company, wanted to present the decision as mutual, but D’Amore pushed back and was “insistent” it wasn’t announced as his call or a mutual agreement.

Despite this, D’Amore has spoken positively of new President Anthony Cicione, and the report confirms that he tried to purchase TNA Wrestling when his firing became evident.

Talent Fightful heard from were “overwhelmed and unhappy about the move” as many are loyal to D’Amore.

Scott D’Amore’s Replacement Issues Statement

In the days after Scott D’Amore’s firing, the new President Anthony Cicione issued a statement expressing his excitement at his new role. Cicione had been with Anthem Entertainment for several years before landing his new role, with the decision reportedly coming from Anthem bosses.

In the statement, Cicione paid tribute to D’Amore and praised the strength of the TNA roster.