Sasha Banks Hints At Future With New Trademark Filings

Sasha Banks Mercedes Mone

There has been another hint as to what Sasha Banks may be planning for the next stage of her career.

It was back in May 2022 when Sasha Banks and Naomi, at the time the Women’s Tag Team Champions walked out on WWE. There have been plenty of changes to the company in that time, with Triple H now at the helm of its creative direction. This has led to the return of plenty of stars who had left earlier in the year – although most of those were released by the company rather than leaving of their own accord.

Recently, Sasha Banks was reinstated to the WWE intro video, amid rumors that Survivor Series would be an appropriate return date six months on from her last appearance in a WWE ring. There has been no official confirmation, and a new trademark filing could hint that she is planning other ventures.

Th new filing made by Soulnado Inc, which was created in August, has put in for the trademarks for Statement Maker, Mercedes Mone, Mone’ Talks and Bank Mone for the purposes of entertainment and merchandise.

With the real life Mercedes Verdano using the Banks Statement as a finisher during her time in WWE, all four names could link back to Sasha Banks. At the same time, Soulnado links back to Mortal Kombat where it is described as “a bright green swirling tornado of immense spiritual energy, and of tortured spirits trapped between the Realms”.

During her time away from WWE, Banks has done other things like appear at New York Fashion Week and recently appeared on the red carpet at the “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” movie premiere along with Naomi, Jimmy Uso (who is married to Naomi) and The New Day trio – Kofi Kingston, Big E & Xavier Woods.