Sasha Banks Changes Twitter Handle

Sasha Banks leaning on ropes

Sasha Banks left WWE in May 2022, yet she kept her Twitter handle with the “WWE” letters in it until she decided to change it to her real name.

The last time Sasha Banks and Naomi (the former Women’s Tag Team Champions) were on WWE TV it was the May 13th episode of Smackdown when they beat Natalya & Shayna Baszler. Three days later, they walked out of the May 16th episode of Raw because they were not happy about the creative direction of their characters.

After walking out of WWE, Banks and Naomi were suspended indefinitely by WWE while also being stripped of the titles. The situation was addressed on television, but it was clear WWE management (led by Vince McMahon at the time) wasn’t happy about it.

A lot has changed in WWE since Banks & Naomi walked out in May because Vince retired as the CEO & Chairman of the company after it was revealed he did numerous “hush money” payments for various affairs he had over the last two decades.

When Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan took over as Co-CEO’s along with Triple H as the Chief Content Officer running WWE Creative, there were immediately rumors that Banks and Naomi may be coming back to the company although no date was ever reported. In late-August 2022, there were reports that Banks & Naomi’s named returned to WWE’s internal roster.

Following their WWE departures, Banks & Naomi didn’t make many public appearances. However, in August they appeared at a signing to meet fans at C2E2 in August. Earlier in September, Banks & Naomi also appeared on the runway at New York Fashion Week with WWE’s Bayley there to support them.

It is still unknown when or if Banks and/or Naomi may return to WWE. In an update, Banks changed her longtime Twitter handle which used to be @SashaBanksWWE, and instead changed it to her real name @MercedesVarnado. The Twitter bio of Mercedes currently reads:

“Sasha Banks-WWE
Koska Reeves – The Mandalorian
She remembered who she was and the game changed.”

The verified account for Varnado only follows six current accounts: John Cena, Naomi, Tamina Snuka, her cousin Snoop Dogg and two fan accounts.

A Twitter username change could mean that there is no WWE future for Vernado, but it could just be a case of wanting to use her real name due to her aspirations to broaden her acting, music and modeling careers. That’s why there’s a lot of speculation about what the Twitter change means, or if it means anything at all.