Saraya Was Asked To Take Swipe At WWE In First AEW Promo

saraya aew promo

Saraya debuted for AEW in September 2022 and while fans were delighted to see her back in the spotlight, her first promo in the company raised eyebrows, and not for the right reasons.

Formerly known as Paige in WWE, she turned up in AEW with her sights firmly set on Dr. Britt Baker DMD who she ended up having her first match in nearly five years against at Full Gear in November 2022.

However, Saraya got off to a shaky start in the company after cutting a promo that included the line that she was glad to “finally be working for a boss that listens to me.” Now in an appearance on Busted Open Radio, the English star has claimed she was asked to say that line:

“The one thing I do wish I didn’t say, I got asked to say a certain sentence, the sentence where I was like, ‘Finally, a boss that listens to me’ I wish I didn’t take that low hanging fruit. I’ve always spoke highly of WWE because they helped me a lot.

“I love AEW. There is no reason to take that low hanging fruit and I feel that caused a lot of tribalism and negative reaction. There are some things you wish you didn’t say, and that’s one of them. I feel it would have gone smoother if I wouldn’t have said that. I understand why people were made, ‘but I’m playing a character. Be quiet.’”

Saraya didn’t clarify who exactly asked her to say the line but her comments seem to be in stark contrast to what she previously said about that line in an appearance on Talk Is Jericho:

“They were mad at me because I said a boss that listens to me about the division because, you know, Hunter [Triple H] listened to me, he always did, he was always wonderful. That’s why I like working with him in NXT. And he’s the one that helped me when I first got to the main roster. But it can get a little frustrating at times being there, as you know, you feel like you’re throwing ideas and stuff like that, and you see what sticks, and then you end up just sitting in catering or you end up sitting at home, and that’s the thing that became really frustrating.

“Whereas I threw an idea at Tony [Khan] and straightaway, he was just like this, give it a try. Like, they can either like [or] hate it, but we’ll give it a try, and I really appreciate that. So I said that in a promo like, ‘Alright, a boss that listens to me.’ Oh, it’s the worst thing I ever said. It’s like I literally came over to their house and set their family on fire. It was like the worst thing ever. I was like, ‘Oh my God, you guys need to chill, it’s not that deep’.”

h/t Fightful