Saraya Thinks 2023 Will Be A Huge Year For Her

saraya aew full gear ear

Saraya shocked the wrestling world in 2022 with a return to the ring and she thinks 2023 will be even bigger.

It was at AEW Full Gear on November 19th when Saraya had her first pro wrestling match in nearly five years since breaking her neck in WWE in December 2017. Saraya revealed that she was cleared by a doctor to wrestle again on Halloween (October 31st) and once it was official, AEW booked her in a match.

Saraya faced Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. at Full Gear in what was a very competitive match with Baker targeting the neck throughout the match. Saraya was able to come back from Baker’s aggressive attack and got the win with a lifting DDT.

Since she is no longer in WWE, Saraya is able to spread her wings a bit more and entertain outside offers that she might not have been able to do in WWE without company approval. Saraya has a very successful Twitch stream, and recently an appearance in a music video for the band Falling in Reverse as well.

In an interview with Dean Muhtadi (former Mojo Rawley in WWE) of TMZ Sports, Saraya talked about having the freedom to do what she wants outside of WWE.

“As you know, as much as it’s incredible being in WWE, you’re kind of limited with what you can and can’t do outside the company. So, you have to get permission to do things.”

“I can’t really give away too much, but now I have 100 percent freedom to do whatever I want.”

While further talking about opportunities outside of wrestling, Saraya talked about who has approached her.

“Now that I have no shackles, no nothing, and I have so much freedom, it feels really good to have people approach me. So many production companies approach me [and] so many book editors come up to me. And that feels incredible because I got really scared — I felt like a bum after a while because I was sitting around so much and I hate not working, so now I’m working constantly.”

The former WWE Divas Champion known as Paige is also looking ahead to the new year.

“I’m just very excited about the future. There’s so much more to come — 2023 is going to be a huge year for Saraya.”

While there’s no news on when Saraya might wrestle again, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see her in the AEW Women’s Title picture at some point in 2023.

H/T WrestlingInc