Saraya Shares Doctor’s Note Clearing Return To The Ring, Explains Process (PHOTO)

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Saraya revealed to the world that she is able to wrestle again after sharing the wonderful news on AEW Dynamite and she posted her doctor’s note too!

The ongoing issues between Saraya and former AEW Women’s Champion Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. led to the two women being part of an in-ring promo segment on the November 9th episode of AEW Dynamite. After Baker informed Saraya that AEW was the place that Britt built, Saraya fired back talking about her history in the pro wrestling business.

Saraya was forced to stop wrestling after suffering a major injury that required surgery in late 2017. For five years, it wasn’t known if she could compete in the ring again although after Saraya’s AEW debut in September, there was optimism that she could wrestle again.

During the promo exchange, Saraya informed Britt that she is cleared to wrestle and she’s going to face Baker at Full Gear in her first match in five years. To end the segment, Saraya dropped Baker with a DDT.

After Dynamite, Saraya tweeted a letter from her doctor that let her know she was cleared to wrestle again.

It was also clarified by Saraya in another tweet that she was given a lot more information about it, but she just wanted to share that one photo.

On a new episode of The Sessions with Renée Paquette podcast, Saraya explained the process of getting cleared while noting it happened on Halloween, October 31st.

“So Halloween, the perfect day, right? I went to the doctor here in California, one of the best doctors around. He did a bunch of NFL, NBA, all these huge action stars, like celebrities, like actors and actresses and all that kind of fun stuff. I was like, well, if anyone’s gonna tell me no, like, this guy is going to tell me no, right, because he’s fantastic and you know, his job is on the line if he just lets someone go back to work. So yeah, I got the X-rays done and he was just like, ‘These are great, but we still have to triple check the CT scans, MRI, and he managed to squeeze them in the same day. So I went downstairs for the MRI. I went across the street for the CT scan. I brought them back all in the same hour or so.”

“It was very quick. Then he sat there and went through them all and he was just like, ‘You’re cleared’, and I just burst into tears. I was like, ‘Are you serious?’ I started asking questions like, what about the fluid or my neck? I remember seeing my last MRI with the fluid. I’m not saying I’m a fu**ing doctor or anything, but like, I’ve seen a few MRIs and I’m like, I still see fluid around my area so that’s why I asked. I was like, ‘What’s the deal there?’ He was just like, ‘The fusions look perfect.’ He was like, ‘There’s no fractures above and below. There’s no issues.’ I was like,’ Okay, let’s talk about paralysis’, and he was like, ‘It’s rare. If you get kicked there, you have some cushion now. If you ever feel like you’re not feeling too well, take some time off. You know, your body. I will clear you to get back in the ring again.’

“I was just like, ‘All right, well, how many matches can I have?’ He was like, ‘Let’s take it easy. You know, we’ll do like one match a month here and there, you know, and then gradually start building up.’ But yeah, so long story short Halloween is when I got the full clearance.”

Elsewhere during her interview with Renee, Saraya revealed that Sasha Banks was the first person to know when Saraya was cleared to compete again.

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