Saraya Explains How Much Fun It Is Being A Heel


If Saraya had her say, she’d be playing a villainess in AEW.

The former Paige wrestled her first match in five years at AEW Full Gear on November 19th. In that match, she played the underdog against a cocky and arrogant Dr. Britt Baker. And when Saraya won, she was met with a loud reaction from the crowd as they cheered her victory.

But despite being cast as a babyface (for obvious reasons), Saraya would be just as comfortable getting booed by the same people that cheered her AEW debut and her big win in her return match,

In an interview with Forbes, Saraya discussed, among other things, the whole face/heel dynamic she had with Baker and whether she herself would be comfortable getting booed:

“I would love to be a heel, if I’m being honest. I have so many different ideas being a heel. I always say to people it’s so much easier to be a heel than it is to be a babyface.”

“Being a heel, it’s so much easier to get people to hate you. It’s so easy! You can just walk out and people start booing you, like ‘I don’t like the way that she walks,’ so I’d love to be a heel and I could be really great with that.

I feel like even in WWE, I felt more comfortable when I was doing more of my heelish work. I felt better, and you don’t take things as personally when you’re a heel, too. You’re like ‘whatever, I’m a bad guy.’ If you’re a babyface, you’re like ‘why don’t they like me?!’”