Saraya Discusses Getting Fined After AEW Promo

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When it comes to AEW television, wrestlers have a lot of freedom about what they can say, but as Saraya found out recently, you can get fined too.

As a relative newcomer in AEW, Saraya of The Outcasts group has really enjoyed her time in the company. After all, she returned to the ring as a wrestler after dealing with a serious neck injury in WWE that led to her being disqualified from competing in the ring for five years.

At AEW Full Gear in November 2022, Saraya won her first match against Britt Baker. Since then, Saraya has picked up some more wins in her AEW career and even competed for the AEW Women’s Title at Revolution, but she failed to leave with the gold.

On the March 15th edition of Dynamite, Saraya got in a bit of trouble for saying the word “twat” during a promo. Saraya, who is British, probably thought nothing of the slang term, but it’s apparently a word that the company doesn’t want their talent to use.

During an appearance on Superstar Crossover with Josh Martinez, Saraya talked about her vulgar word moment.

“I think this is the first time I’ve really cursed on TV. You know, what’s really crazy is that even though twat is like a very British thing to say. Twat is a very common word in the UK. It’s not part of my vocabulary, so I don’t even know why I said it. I could say any other word, but I chose ‘Twat’ in the spur of the moment, and it fit.”

As she continued, the former Divas Champion in WWE spoke about also getting in trouble for doing a middle finger salute towards some fans.

“I did a runner after the show, by the way. After I cursed, I was like, ‘I’m out,’ so they have to chase me down for this fine. So I’m getting texts from Toni Storm, Ruby, Pat Buck. I’m getting texts from the lawyers. They were just like, ‘We have to call you. You have to stop running away.’ I’m like, ‘I’m already gone. Catch me if you can.’ They called me, and they were so sweet about it.”

“They were like, ‘Okay, there’s three things you did wrong here.’ I was like, ‘What are those?’ He was, ‘Well when you walked down the ramp, you flipped everybody off. That’s a no.’ I was like, ‘Okay.’ Second thing, you body-shamed everybody. That’s also a no.’ I’m like, alright.”

“Then he’s like, ‘Then you called everyone neck-bearded twats, and that’s also not okay.’ They were like, ‘Not from our side, but the network is gonna be a little upset if you keep doing those things.’ He was like, ‘Just try not to body-shame people.’ I was like, ‘Well, they do it to me all the time, so suck it, right?”

“I was like, ‘To be fair to me, they did send me a list of curse words you cannot say, and twat wasn’t on it.’ They’re like, ‘We didn’t think we had to put it on there,’ and I’m like, ‘From a British standpoint, you have to always put it on there.'”

Saraya appeared on the April 5th edition of Dynamite with her allies in The Outcasts (Ruby Soho & Toni Storm) to warn Jamie Hayter that they were coming for her AEW Women’s Title.