Saraya Details The Differences Between Saraya In AEW & Paige In WWE


Saraya has gone on record clarifying the difference between her WWE and AEW characters.

Although her real name is Saraya Jade-Bevis, she became most famous under her WWE name, Paige. But since that name is copyrighted, she decided to wrestle under her real first name instead of the first wrestling name she ever used, which was Britani Knight.

But for anyone tuning into AEW to see her, Saraya wanted fans to ensure that Saraya is different from Paige.

In an interview with Chris Van Vliet, it was explained that Paige was the teenager and Saraya is the ‘mature’ version of that same character:

“Saraya is more mature, that’s definitely a big thing, and sober. But the thing is, with Paige,, she was this little emo girl teenager. Like, I’m like the angsty teenager phase. And going into Saraya, I can’t imagine myself being that character anymore.

Just that I would rather be a more elevated version of that character, a more grown up version of that character. Because I’m not her anymore, she’s the young version of me. And now I’m like the older version.

Yeah, that kind of Paige just didn’t give an F about anybody, not even herself. She just cared about, outside of wrestling, partying and stuff like that. As Saraya, I focused on elevating myself, remaining healthy mentally being happier.”

Saraya is currently scheduled to have her first singles match in years this upcoming Saturday, November 19th when she takes on Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. at Full Gear.