Saraya Says Britt Baker “Really Carried Me Through This Whole Thing”

Saraya Britt Baker

Saraya has credited her rival Dr. Britt Baker DMD for carrying her throughout their feud that culminated in a huge match at Full Gear.

Saraya was forced into retirement after suffering a serious neck injury during a match at a WWE live event back in late 2017. The former Paige debuted for AEW at Dynamite Grand Slam in New York and her appearance instantly fuelled speculation over whether she could once again compete.

As it turned out, Saraya was cleared and competed in her first bout in nearly five years when she defeated Britt Baker at Full Gear. Speaking at the post-show media scrum, Saraya gave Baker full credit for carrying her through the feud:

“It did take a lot and I know I am rusty. It’s been five years and I tried to give 110% and I felt like I did that, I gave as much as I could. Working with Britt, she’s a star, an absolute star. She helped me a lot. Long story short, I worked out a lot and I’m going to continue to do so.

“Britt was the first-ever signee here, she has built this division so I totally understand that. I was an outsider coming in, but it was more between me and Britt. It was such a special moment for us two. I’m stepping out of character a little bit here, but I feel with Britt, she really carried me throughout this whole thing.”

“Truly, she’s an absolute pro. I was rusty when I did the promos and stuff like that. I felt we delivered a really good in-ring promo and the next week she did this beautiful babyface promo, ‘Oh man, this is going to be tough.’ With me and her, there’s no real heel or face, you just cheer for who you want to cheer for. You either cheer for the homegrown talent or you cheer for the girl who comes back from a career-ending injury.”

h/t Fightful