Santos Escobar Reveals How WWE Gave Him “One Of The Best Moments In My Life”

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Santos Escobar is living his best life right now as part of the WWE’s LWO with Rey Mysterio and he recently spoke about one of the best moments of his life.

As a professional wrestler for over 20 years, Santos Escobar has accomplished a lot in the business he loves, but what he’s doing now is getting a bigger spotlight in WWE. That’s because prior to WrestleMania 39, Escobar’s Legado del Fantasma group became aligned with Rey Mysterio to form the new LWO aka the Latino World Order.

The presence of the LWO helped Rey a lot at WrestleMania 39 because they were able to prevent Dominik Mysterio from beating his father Rey when Damian Priest & Finn Balor of The Judgment Day tried to help Dominik win the match. That allowed Rey make the comeback and get the big win.

Santos Escobar signed with WWE in 2019 after 19 years as a pro wrestler. While in NXT, he was a former Cruiserweight Champion and had many memorable feuds on the brand while also leading the Legado group.

In an interview with the Under the Ring podcast, Santos Escobar talked about his WrestleMania moment and how he was able to soak it all in.

“At WrestleMania, when we came out and helped Rey, I had a second there where I just look around. I looked to my left and there was Bad Bunny right there, and then I looked around and the stadium was full, and in the ring, Rey Mysterio was winning his match. That was magical. That was one of the best moments in my life, not in my career, in my life.”

“This weekend we were on the road, Friday Night SmackDown, Saturday Night Main Event, Monday Night Raw, I think I had the best weekend in my career since working with my dad over 20 years ago. It’s just amazing. I feel very happy. I’m on a very high note right now and just motivated.”

Santos Escobar also spoke about what it meant to team with a WWE Hall of Famer and Latino wrestling legend like Rey Mysterio.

“Well, he’s a Lucha Libre icon. He’s a Lucha Libre legend. He’s literally a Hall of Famer. I first met Rey when I was about eight or nine years (old). That was a long time ago. The story is known. My dad told me, ‘You see that kid right there? That’s Rey Mysterio. He’s gonna go places. He’s going to do something in the industry’, and that was it. My dad wasn’t lying.”

“Rey became everything he said and even more, now a Hall of Famer. For me to be in the ring with him, to be in a faction with him, LWO, it’s just a dream come true. I feel very happy, motivated, and ready to go and just keep growing.”

Recently, Santos Escobar also revealed that Logan Paul did something very kind for Santos and his son.

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