Samoa Joe Gives His Honest Thoughts On Michael Cole

Michael Cole Samoa Joe

AEW star Samoa Joe has shared his honest thoughts on WWE announcing veteran Michael Cole, with the two men sharing time at the commentary desk.

Samoa Joe is best known for his exploits in the ring in Ring of Honor, TNA, WWE, and AEW winning championships wherever he has gone. However, towards the end of his WWE run, Joe found himself on the sidelines, calling the action at the commentary desk on Raw, working closely with Michael Cole.

Speaking to Renee Paquette on The Sessions, Samoa Joe noted that working with Cole in close quarters caused him to have great respect for the broadcasting veteran:

“I gained so much respect from Michael Cole and seeing what he actually does for the company. It goes far beyond the camera and seeing what he has to put up with. I realized this is a man who, like anybody else in the world, would have broken under the pressure that he’s under consistently week after week after week. He was a big help too. He fully believed in me and did everything he could to put me in the best position to succeed.”

Samoa Joe also discussed his own exit from WWE and the many releases that took place over the last three years and noted that management factions within the company seemed to be at war with each other.