Sami Zayn’s Wife Comments On His Big Match At Elimination Chamber

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The wife of WWE superstar Sami Zayn has spoken about his big match at Elimination Chamber saying he deserves to have a moment like this.

Tonight is the night for Sami Zayn to challenge Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at the Elimination Chamber Premium Live Event in Sami’s hometown of Montreal.

During last night’s episode of Smackdown, which was also at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Sami Zayn received a massive ovation from the Montreal crowd. Zayn was silent for several minutes as the fans cheered for him, chanted for him and even chanted “f**k you Roman” for Reigns, who wasn’t even there. Zayn would go on to deliver a not-so-PG message in French while saying that it is not just Reigns vs. Zayn, but it’s Roman vs. Sami and the entire city of Montreal.

Since it has been such a personal story between Zayn and Reigns, WWE decided to also post an interview on YouTube/social media with Sami’s wife Khadijah. In the interview, Khadijah spoke about how much her husband deserves this moment. The interview with Khadijah was from Friday night.

“I just get goosebumps thinking about what tomorrow night’s gonna be like. It’s gonna be so emotional and just thinking about it… he deserves the world, he deserves this moment, he deserves all the love from everyone in Montreal and the whole WWE Universe.”

“He’s worked so hard and I really believe that it’s just gonna be a really memorable moment that we’re never gonna forget for the rest of our lives.”

Khadijah also spoke about how sometimes she has to watch things with the TV volume very low since they have a young son at home.