Sami Zayn Has Roman Reigns’ WWE Title In His Sights

sami zayn roman reigns wwe bloodline

Sami Zayn is talking about the possibility of winning the WWE Title even though Roman Reigns currently holds that title and they are part of The Bloodline together.

Roman Reigns has been the WWE Universal Champion since August 2020, which is over 870 days. Reigns also won the WWE Title at WrestleMania 38 in April 2022 meaning he’s held that title for nearly nine months too.

During the incredible title run of Reigns, Sami Zayn has been one of the people by his side as part of The Bloodline group. Together, the group led by Reigns which also includes The Usos (current Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions), Solo Sikoa and Zayn have dominated much of WWE over the past two years.

Since the January 20th edition of Smackdown is taking place in Detroit, Zayn talked to the Detroit News to promote the show while also speaking about his pursuit of the WWE Title held by Reigns.

“When you get this close and you’re in the periphery of the WWE Title, it makes you think, well, I’m already here, maybe winning it’s not totally unrealistic. That would for sure be like a cherry on top of everything else. If it happens, awesome. If it doesn’t happen, it still would have all been awesome.”

“I mean really, since I can’t even tell you how early into my career, probably three years in, I remember thinking, well, this is it, it can’t get better than this. And then somehow each year, it just kept getting bigger and bigger. You would think I would learn at this point to stop saying it, but I am also content with everything I’ve done.

“I don’t want to be the type of person who feels like, oh, there’s a void unless I get this next thing, and if I don’t accomplish this, I’m a failure or my career was a failure. Whatever happens, I’m good. It could end tomorrow, and knock on wood, I really hope it doesn’t, but I would feel very complete and very satisfied with everything I’ve ever done. At this point, everything’s gravy.”

It should be noted also that Sami Zayn is rumored to be Roman Reigns’ opponent at WWE Elimination Chamber in Montreal on February 18th. Zayn is from Montreal, so he will likely get one of the loudest ovations of his career.

While Zayn has not officially been announced as being in the 2023 Royal Rumble match, he likely will be in it and could surprise some people as the winner.