Paul Heyman Says Sami Zayn “Seized The Moment” In The Bloodline Storyline

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Paul Heyman has praised Sami Zayn heavily for his work in The Bloodline story saying Sami “seized the moment” when it comes to WWE’s biggest storyline.

Since last summer, The Bloodline group led by Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns has dominated WWE, especially on Smackdown. Reigns was joined in the group by WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos (who are Roman’s cousins) along with Solo Sikoa, who is The Usos’s brother. Paul Heyman, who serves as Roman’s Special Counsel, has been by The Tribal Chief’s side since August 2020 when Roman’s 900+ day title reign as Universal Champion.

Sami Zayn also became the “Honorary Uce” in the group as he proved his loyalty to everybody in The Bloodline even though Jey Uso took the longest time to accept him. That has been key in the story because when looking at things in the present day, Jey is the one that appears on the outs with Reigns while Zayn nearly beat Reigns for his two titles at Elimination Chamber two weeks ago.

The group fell apart in January at the Royal Rumble when Sami Zayn refused to further attack Kevin Owens after his best friend was handcuffed to the ropes and beaten by The Bloodline. Zayn hit Reigns with a chair, which the fans loved and Reigns got his ass kicked by Reigns, Solo and Jimmy while Jey chose to walk away on his own.

During an interview on the SI Media with Jimmy Traina podcast, Paul Heyman admitted that he didn’t think Zayn would be a massive part of The Bloodline’s story.

“I didn’t imagine Sami Zayn becoming a massive part of this when Sami Zayn was becoming a massive part of. To his enormous credit, Sami Zayn seized the moment. We’d give him crumbs of a segment and he would just turn it into a moment that he had to connect with the audience with what I think has ended up becoming the most endearing character that we’ve presented in decades, if not ever.”

As Heyman continued, he spoke about how Sami Zayn resonated with the audience while about the authenticity that Zayn shows in his performances.

“As great of a talker as Sami Zayn is, and he is a magnificent talker, I think Sami resonates with the audience, just because Roman Reigns will turn to him and lean in on him about something, and Sami gets that hush puppy face, and that sad look on his face, and the camera zooms in on the sad look on Sami’s face, and everybody feels for him. He just endears himself to the audience.”

“They absolutely fall in love with him and his plight and his pursuit of acceptance, which I think is a big part of this is that everyone can relate to the pursuit of acceptance, and that was the tale of Sami Zayn. He just did it so well, and did it so brilliantly, and with such authenticity, and with genuine angst on his face and pain when spoken down to, that people just felt for him, and as you know, it’s not just constrained to WWE.

“In any form of television, movies, Broadway plays, if you get the audience to feel for you, you know, touchdown, victory. It’s everything that a writer, director, producer, and performer seeks.”

Roman Reigns is expected back on WWE Friday Night Smackdown tonight with his WrestleMania 39 opponent Cody Rhodes also in the house. As for Sami Zayn, he should be there too along with other members of The Bloodline and perhaps Kevin Owens as well.