Sami Zayn Causes Kevin Owens To Walk Off Interview

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Kevin Owens has been an angry man in recent weeks, blowing up at many other WWE Superstars for their perceived slights but now Owens has broken character all because of Sami Zayn.

Sami Zayn has become well known in recent months for his ability to make his fellow WWE stars laugh when the moment perhaps didn’t call for it. The Usos were the worst offenders during Zayn’s time in The Bloodline with the famed “ucey” segment even seeming to catch Roman Reigns off-guard.

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However, now the same seems to have happened to Kevin Owens during an interview with Alex McCarthy as Sami Zayn made a point that Owens appeared to want no part of being associated with. Zayn discussed Muslim representation in WWE and noted “I always just assumed if I got to WWE, I’d have to play like a terrorist or something like that.” Zayn laughed and Owens broke into a smile before simply walking away.

Despite being one of the most popular stars in WWE in 2023, Sami Zayn was not on the Money In The Bank card but he and Kevin Owens are sure to be interested onlookers on SmackDown on Friday as The Usos put Roman Reigns on trial following The Tribal Chief’s loss in London.