Sami Zayn Makes Bold Claim To WWE Fans After SmackDown

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Sami Zayn had some positive comments about the current WWE product when addressing the fans after the SmackDown taping.

For over the past year, Sami Zayn has been one of the most popular wrestlers in WWE. His storyline in the second half of 2022 leading to his babyface turn fighting against The Bloodline in early 2023 was riveting television and drew some of the biggest reactions in all of WWE.

Zayn is currently part of a loaded Raw roster. Zayn was taken out by Drew McIntyre in a backstage attack in early December because he was given a break by WWE and after making his return in the Royal Rumble, Zayn went right after McIntyre.

In the main event of Raw on January 29th, Sami Zayn lost to Drew McIntyre in a match where Drew used his arms to deliver a low blow before hitting a Claymore Kick to win. It’s unknown where Zayn goes from here.

Sami Zayn Believes “The Good Old Days Are Right Now” In WWE

After SmackDown went off the air, Sami Zayn competed in a dark match and gave a speech to the fans in Birmingham. During his promo, Zayn talked about how great the current WWE product is.

“It’s been a pretty crazy evening for everybody here, I would say. I mean, for crying out loud, I just saw the head of the table go face to face with The Rock! But I gotta let you in on a little secret, Birmingham. That’s not why tonight was special. Because as crazy as what I’m about to say might sound, it’s the truth. We are super, super lucky that the biggest star, maybe in the history of the business, The Rock, come back to WWE. But trust me when I tell you, The Rock is just as lucky to have WWE.”

“When I say that, I mean every single one of us in the back, whether it’s Sami Zayn or Drew McIntyre, or it’s Cody Rhodes or Seth Rollins, or it’s Becky Lynch, or it’s the Bloodline. Right now, you’ve the best group of wrestlers in decades and this isn’t just special for you. It’s special for all of us. Because for years and years and years, our generation, the guys that have been busting their ass night in night out, we have to constantly listen to people talk about the good old days. The good old days. The good old days.”

“Well, I’ve got news for you. Tonight, 10,000 people sold out this building in Birmingham. To see the best proper performers in the world. So I have news for you and for everybody. To see the best drama performers in the world. So I have news for you and for everybody. The good old days are right here, right now.”

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