Sami Zayn Comments On Bringing Back Popular Theme Song

sami zayn dance

Sami Zayn has commented on the possibility of bringing back his past theme song going into his huge championship match at Elimination Chamber.

During the 20-year wrestling career of Sami Zayn, he has had a lot of big matches, but nothing compared to what’s coming next Saturday, February 18th at Elimination Chamber. That’s the night where Sami gets to challenge Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship in Sami’s hometown of Montreal.

It should be a raucous crowd in Montreal considering the layers to The Bloodline storyline that has dominated the Smackdown brand, especially since last summer as Zayn continually proved his loyalty to Reigns and the group until he had enough of it at the Royal Rumble last month.

Since Sami Zayn is back home in Montreal next week for Smackdown and Elimination, he was asked by The Sick Podcast if he has thought about bringing back the “World Apart” theme song for Elimination Chamber.

“I mean, if it were going to come back, I feel like that would be the time in place to do it. I’ve said this in other interviews. I feel like it would kind of be taking a step backward. I think maybe a new song is in the cards, but I feel like that song, even though people have a real fondness for it, it seems. From a character’s perspective, it just feels like taking a step backward. At the same time, doing it for like a one-night thing in Montreal might be cool. I don’t know.”

In his ten-year run as part of WWE, Sami Zayn is a three-time Intercontinental Champion as well as a one-time NXT Champion, but Elimination Chamber is when he will get his chance to be a WWE & Universal Champion.

H/T WrestlingNewsco