Rumour Killer On Possible Alberto Del Rio Royal Rumble Appearance

Alberto Del Rio

A new report has suggested that recent rumours surrounding Alberto Del Rio and a WWE return are correct which means a Royal Rumble return won’t happen.

Alberto Del Rio made headlines recently as he explained that he hadn’t discussed a possible WWE return with Triple H’s team but had been in touch over the years with former Head of Talent Relation, John Laurinaitis.

Now Fightful Select has reported that despite apparent talks with Laurinaitis in the past that a WWE “higher up” told them last year that “there’s no f*cking way that happens” in regards to the former WWE Champion making his return to the company.

That same person is said to have noted that after Alberto Del Rio left the company in August 2016 that there were no serious conversations about him returning. Instead, it is said that the conversations were more a case of Del Rio trying to gauge any interest in the company bringing him back.

The report concludes by saying that those that would need to be behind his return to the company have not “been keen” on him since a long time before he left WWE. And it was noted that there is no memory of the star ever having been pitched for a potential appearance as a surprise in a Royal Rumble match.