Ronda Rousey Slams “Octogenarians Who Think They Know How To Be Hip” Over WWE Feud

Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey has seemingly hit out at some in WWE management as she indicates that she was less than thrilled about how her feud with Liv Morgan played out.

At Money In The Bank, Liv Morgan did not waste any time when she won the briefcase guaranteeing her a title shot. She picked her moment after Ronda Rousey had defended her SmackDown Women’s Title against Natalya and cashed in, becoming champion in the process.

The two women then met again at SummerSlam but a controversial finish led to Rousey’s villainous side rearing its head and she dominated Morgan, winning back her title when the two women met again at Extreme Rules.

Taking to social media, Ronda Rousey shared a video of back in August 2022 when she was in the midst of her feud with Morgan but in Anaheim, California on SmackDown, Rousey took out Natalya instead. Accompanying the video was a post indicating that Rousey was less than thrilled at WWE management over the storyline:

“Imagine what our @yaonlylivvonce feud could have been if we weren’t hamstrung by a bunch of octogenarians who still think they know how to be hip while putting less than 5 minutes of thought a week into each women’s storyline… 🤔 new #RondaOnTheRoad”

While it is not explicit who Ronda Rousey is referring to in her post, it should be noted that Vince McMahon, 77, was still in charge of WWE’s creative when Morgan defeated Rousey for the SmackDown Women’s Championship at Money In The Bank but just three weeks later, McMahon was gone while Triple H took over.