Ronda Rousey Picks Surprise Current WWE Storyline As Her Favourite

Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey has picked her favourite current storyline in WWE, naming an angle that has seen a good kid turn to the wrong side of the tracks.

Speaking recently on her live stream, Ronda Rousey noted her love for the current storyline on Raw featuring the notorious jailbird Dominik Mysterio:

“Speaking of my favourite thing in WWE right now, my favourite f*cking thing, you wanna know? Prison Dom…..Oh my God, ‘prison Dom’. Talk about ‘prison Dom’… Did you see his video of him talking about how he came out of prison a changed man and he has the teardrop?”

“It reminds me of John Waters’s “Cry Baby”. Johnny Depp, and he’s like, “Electricity killed my parents” I don’t know, I loved it so much. I loved it so much. I am like what happened in prison? What did he see?”

“So did he kill someone to go to prison? Or did he kill someone in prison? I can just picture him calling Rhea up and being like, aw mami… Things I’ve seen……Prison Dom for life guys…. I need a prison Dom T-shirt.”

“Anything but I would really like it, like crybaby John Waters throwback, but everything’s like instead of a crybaby, it’s Prison Dom and instead of chick, it’s Ripley……That’s f*cking quality entertainment.”

Dominik Mysterio was taken to jail after he and Rhea Ripley turned up at Rey Mysterio’s house for Christmas, the pair had done the same a month earlier at Thanksgiving which turned into them delivering a beating to the former WWE Champion.

h/t Essentially Sports