Ronda Rousey Advertised For Indy Wrestling Show; Details On Post-WWE Return

ronda rousey wwe ring

Ronda Rousey is no longer a part of WWE, but she is staying involved in the pro wrestling business.

It was back at WWE SummerSlam in August when Ronda Rousey lost cleanly to one of her best friends Shayna Baszler in a short match. That short match ended up being Rousey’s WWE departure with her contract expiring after that.

At Thursday’s Lucha VaVOOM event in Los Angeles (which is near where Rousey lives), Rousey was in the crowd at the show. Rousey ended up wrestling on the show by tagging up with her good friend Marina Shafir of AEW to face former WWE star Brian Kendrick and AEW’s Taya Valkyrie in a tag team match.

Rousey got the win for her team with an ankle lock on Kendrick, who is the guy who trained Rousey to be a wrestler for WWE when she had her first match in 2018.

It seems like Rousey isn’t done there when it comes to appearing at independent wrestling shows because Pro Wrestling Revolver is announcing Rousey for her debut in that promotion on November 16th also in Los Angeles.

Ronda Rousey is in a position to “do what she wants” in pro wrestling

The former WWE Raw & Smackdown Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey is no longer under contract to WWE, so she’s able to take independent wrestling bookings and other appearances that she wants to do.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer spoke about how Rousey wanted to team up with her close friend Marina Shafir while also having fun at the same time. The below comments from Meltzer were before Pro Wrestling Revolver officially advertised Rousey for their event on November 16th.

“She just wanted a team with Marina and she might be doing a [Pro Wrestling Revolver] show. It might be in November, maybe the 16th, but there’s a Pro Wrestling Revolver show in Los Angeles and Ronda Rousey basically tweeted, ‘Isn’t that interesting?’

I think she wants to team with Marina and Marina does a lot of Revolver [shows]. She’s certainly teasing it. She’s a free agent, she can do what she wants and she’s doing it for fun. It’s in LA, she doesn’t travel, likes hanging out with Marina.”

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