Ronda Rousey Forced Creative Change To Major WWE Match

Ronda Rousey WWE

Ronda Rousey made sure she wasn’t tapping out.

In a new interview with Chris Van Vliet, Becky Lynch looked back on her double Women’s Title win at WrestleMania 35. In the main event, Lynch pinned Ronda Rousey to claim the gold in a match also involving Charlotte Flair.

The finish of the match caused a level of controversy as Rousey seemed to get her shoulder off the mat during the pin.

Lynch explained that she didn’t know whether the move was accidental or deliberate.

“I was in the moment. I couldn’t see it. The discourse afterwards, and also the sound of the audience made it seem like something had gone wrong. Obviously, I wasn’t aware. I don’t know if that was intentional or accidental. I could see the motivation for it being intentional. ‘This will be my out to get a second match’ in the long game or it just being accidental,”

Lynch confirmed that Rousey’s shoulder being off the mat wasn’t planned in advance.

Ronda Rousey Refused To Tap Out

Writing in her book, “The Man: Not Your Average Average Girl,” Lynch gave more insight into the creative process behind the match, recalling Rousey shooting down a pitch which included her looking like she’d tap out.

“That was the creative laid out. She had, her driver had taken her to the wrong spot, so she showed up like an hour…we had been talking through stuff. TJ Wilson, our producer, an amazing producer, he was like, ‘Maybe you have Ronda in armbar, she looks like she’s about to tap out,’ Ronda comes and we tell her the creative, ‘You’re almost about to tap out.’ ‘My mom wouldn’t look me in the eye or talk to me again if I looked like I was about to tap out.’

‘Alright, well, she’s probably not going to tap out on the finish then.’ She never tapped out in her career. Understood it, respected it, and moved on quickly.”

Speaking in a recent interview, Ronda Rousey revealed she threatened to quit WWE after failing to get a singles match with Becky Lynch. The star said that when she was told a match wouldn’t be happening, she said she’d walk out if she wasn’t allowed to team with Shayna Baszler.

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