Ronda Rousey Details Nearly Getting Drunk During WWE Business Meeting

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Ronda Rousey has shared her initial conversations with WWE before officially signing with the company.

At the 2018 Royal Rumble, the Women’s Royal Rumble match took place for the first time. Asuka emerged as the winner of that Rumble match, but the bigger moment happened right after when Ronda Rousey made her entrance.

After that show was over, WWE announced that Ronda Rousey had officially signed with the company. That led to Ronda Rousey teaming up with WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle to defeat WWE Hall of Famer Triple H & Stephanie McMahon

While writing in her new book Our Fight which is available to pre-order now, Ronda recalled conversations with Triple H and her agent Brad Slater, which led to Rousey ultimately agreeing to start in WWE officially in January 2018.

“There was no point in pretending this meeting was about anything other than me joining the WWE, but what would that look like? My plan, as I laid it out, was to make a run in the WWE, not a career out of it. I would go from WrestleMania, WWE’s equivalent of the Super Bowl, in early April to its Survivor Series pay-per-view in November. Pro wrestling is a skill that takes a lifetime to master, and I didn’t have that kind of time.”

“I figured I’d dip in, be a helpful accessory to the other women for a few months, then dip out and start having babies. Up until this point, Triple H was sitting there nodding. “What about until April?” he asked. WWE runs year-round on the creative side, he explained, setting up storylines and developing character arcs. They look at it as a whole season from one WrestleMania to the next. Would I be willing to commit to the entire year? “I can do until April,” I said. “But I want to start by wrapping up my story line with Steph before moving on to anything else.” ”

“Triple H nodded in approval. Brad beamed. The server asked to take my plate. I had barely touched my food because I had spent most of the time talking. I nodded and excused myself to go to the bathroom. Standing, I felt the world spin. I stood in front of the bathroom mirror, my face flushed, and did a little happy dance. Then straightened my posture, trying to look as serious and professional as possible. I started laughing. I walked back to the table trying not to look like I was trying to steady my balance on a boat in choppy waters.”

That timeline that Rousey asked for is what she got because she started that first run in WWE in January 2018 and it ended in April 2019 when she main evented WrestleMania 35 with Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair.

Was Ronda Rousey Drunk During WWE Business Meeting?

As the story continued, Ronda Rousey knew she was feeling a bit tipsy and didn’t want to get drunk during that initial conversation with Triple H about signing with WWE.

“I slid back into my seat and leaned over to Brad. “We’ve got to go,” I whispered. “When I just stood up, I realized that I drank too much while we were sitting down. I can’t be drunk in front of Triple H in our first business meeting.” “Wow, will you look at the time,” Brad announced. I tried to say as little as possible amid the flurry of goodbyes, “so excited” and “we’ll get you something this week.””

“In one of the most obvious “we were not here together” moves that scream “we were definitely here together” moves, Triple H slipped out first. We waited a few minutes before Brad and I stood, and he guided me to the door where TMZ was waiting outside.”

““I thought I just saw Triple H leaving,” the cameraman said in a comment that was really a question. “We were just hanging out,” Brad interjected quickly. “I just really enjoy fine dining,” I said, as Brad ushered me into the car. I ducked too late and slammed my head on the door. Fortunately, the camera missed it, but certainly wouldn’t help the headache I was sure to wake up with in the morning. I didn’t care. In that moment, the only thing I felt was elation. I was going to be in the WWE.”

Elsewhere in the book, Ronda Rousey told a story about how five years after joining WWE, she wasn’t happy and a discussion with Triple H led to her WWE exit in the summer of 2023.