Ronda Rousey Pleaded “Don’t Kill Him” During Bret Hart’s Shock HOF Attack

Bret Hart Natalya WWE Hall of Fame

Bret Hart has been honoured with two WWE Hall of Fame inductions and now Ronda Rousey has shared her perspective after things went wrong for Hart during his second induction in 2019.

In 2019 Bret Hart accepted a WWE Hall of Fame induction on behalf of his tag team with Jim ‘The Anvil’ Neidhart – The Hart Foundation. Neidhart had passed away in 2018 and was represented by his daughter, WWE star Natalya.

During their speech, a terrifying incident took place that saw stroke survivor Bret Hart tackled to the mat by a fan who had stormed the ring. The fan was soon hauled off The Hitman and taken away but Ronda Rousey had a ringside view of exactly what happened and paid tribute to the first person to react.

Ronda Rousey Pays Tribute To Bret Hart Rescuer

Writing in her new book Our Fight – available to pre-order now – Ronda Rousey credited her husband, former UFC fighter Travis Browne – with his quick actions as those in the wrestling bubble were slower to react:

A few hours later, Trav and I were sitting at the WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony, dressed to the nines. I watched as my friend and fellow wrestler Natalya and her uncle WWE legend Bret Hart accepted the induction on behalf of the Hart Foundation.

Out of the corner of our eyes someone started running toward the ring. A crazed fan was sprinting for Bret. Trav was already on his feet heading up the stairs of the ring before the guy got under the ropes. Trav grabbed the railing to propel himself forward, but in true WWE fashion, it was a gimmick railing that immediately buckled. Trav stumbled to a knee. The fan tackled Bret to the ground, but before anything could happen Trav was back on his feet. “Get him!” I screamed.

I watched my UFC heavyweight human weapon of a husband rip the fan off Bret and jump on top of him. “Trav!” I screamed even louder. “Don’t kill him!” Bret was fine. The fan survived. The show went on. But it did not escape me that everyone was so lost in their fantasy world that when sh*t got real, my husband was the realest motherf*cker in the room. Everyone froze. Everyone except Travis Browne.

Ronda Rousey has not held back in her book as she takes aim at WWE’s casting couch culture as well. Rousey also took aim at Bruce Prichard and his role in WWE which she believes kept Vince McMahon in power a lot longer than anyone realised.