Roman Reigns Segment Caused “A Lot Of Concern” In WWE

Roman Reigns WWE

Roman Reigns might be the needle mover in WWE but a recent segment had some in the company feeling concerned according to a new report.

On SmackDown in Madison Square Garden, The Trial of Roman Reigns took place with The Usos looking to find Reigns guilty of several crimes in Tribal Court in a segment that ran well over thirty minutes. Reigns eventually seemed to relent and anoint Jey Uso by placing the lei around his neck before nailing his cousin with a low blow as he and Sikoa took out The Usos in a vicious fashion. Sikoa splashed Jimmy Uso through a table leading to him being stretchered from the arena.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that there was a lot of concern in WWE about the segment mainly due to just how long it was set to go:

“They brought that thing up too. Yeah. There was some other stuff too. I mean they, it was interesting because there were a couple of notes on that. Number one is, if there was a lot of concern, you know, debate going in, if going 30 minutes with that segment, you know, 35 minutes was overkill. They did it. And now, with the benefit of hindsight, it wasn’t because the number, you know, grew and grew and grew. And then after that, the rest of the show didn’t do anything special after that. It was just that.”

The upshot of it all was that Jey Uso returned at the end of the night to take out both Solo Sikoa and Roman Reigns before challenging Reigns to a one-on-one match.

While there may have been trepidation going into the show due to the length of the segment, it proved to be a shrewd move by WWE as Brandon Thurston of Wrestlenomics reported the Trial of Roman Reigns averaged over 3 million viewers which is the highest-rated quarter-hour in WWE in several years.