Roman Reigns Loss Can Only Help LA Knight Claims WWE Hall Of Famer

LA Knight cutting a promo on Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns’ victory over LA Knight could help the star according to one WWE Hall of Famer.

Roman Reigns was able to see off the challenge of LA Knight at Crown Jewel, although he needed some help from The Bloodline.

Deep into the match, Knight was able to drop the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion with Blunt Force Trauma, but Jimmy Uso was there to help his Tribal Chief by lifting his foot onto the ropes to break the pin.

With Knight distracted by Uso on the outside, Reigns took the opportunity to drive him through a barricade with a massive Spear. He then dragged the fallen star back into the ring and hit another Spear to get the victory.

Despite the loss, one man who thinks the match actually helped Knight is Hall of Famer Eric Bishoff. During the latest edition of 83 Weeks, Bischoff explained that Knight’s defeat will galvanise his fanbase behind him, making them want to see him capture the gold even more.

“I don’t think the loss to Roman is going to make one bit of difference. I don’t think it’s going to stall his momentum. If anything, it’s going to make his fanbase want it even more, and that’s what you hope for.

“You want the fans to want it more than LA Knight wants it. You want the fans to want it more than the company wants it. You want the fans to become undeniable in their desire to see LA Knight advance.

The former WCW President doesn’t think Knight will have any problems continuing his path in WWE.

“I don’t think it’s going to be very difficult at all for LA Knight to pick up right where he left off, I really don’t. If anything, in a weird way, I think it’s going to help him.”

LA Knight believes he is “undeniable”

LA Knight believes his Crown Jewel main event is a testament to the work he put in. During a recent interview, he recalled the last time he was in Saudi Arabia, the whole arena was chanting his name. He says this illustrates how he has made himself “undeniable.

“Last time we were in Saudi Arabia, the whole crowd just chanting ‘LA Knight,’ right at Triple H. At some point, it’s undeniable. I’ve made myself undeniable.”

H/T to Fightful for the above transcription.