Roman Reigns Did His Job Immaculately Admits AEW Star

Roman Reigns Face WWE

Roman Reigns has been praised heavily by a former AEW World Champion for his role in WWE.

At WrestleMania 40 Sunday, Roman Reigns finally lost the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship to Cody Rhodes in a Bloodline Rules match. Reigns went into that match as WWE’s Universal Champion for 1,316 days, which is one of the longest championship reigns ever and the longest in this era.

Over the past year, Reigns wrestled on a reduced schedule that only saw him defend the Universal Championship once from Crown Jewel in November until WrestleMania April, which means he had one match in five months at the Royal Rumble.

Thanks to assists from Jey Uso, Seth Rollins, John Cena & The Undertaker, the Bloodline’s The Rock, Solo Sikoa & Jimmy Uso weren’t able to help Reigns get the win as they had done in the past.

While Roman Reigns has his critics due to his reduced schedule, there are also plenty of people who acknowledge The Tribal Chief for his status as a main event level performer.

Kenny Omega Praises Roman Reigns As Top Star In WWE

While speaking on his Twitch stream, former AEW World Champion Kenny Omega praised Roman Reigns for being a champion that fans wanted to see lose and how important that is when telling stories in pro wrestling.

“I think Roman (Reigns) has been an incredible champion and company spokesperson. I think he did his job immaculately and I think it took a lot of guts and intestinal fortitude (for) him to stick with a lot of the backlash and hatred he received over the years from fans and otherwise. He really stuck to his game, upped his game, got better and better with each and every performance, and I think if it weren’t for his incredible growth as a champion, you wouldn’t have had such an emotional finale to the most recent WrestleMania.”

“So I have the utmost respect for Roman. I think he was the one of the greatest WWE Champions that you just wanted to see someone win the belt off of, which is very important. It’s important to wanna see your champion hold the belt, but it’s also important to have a champion where you can’t wait until someone just actually takes it off of ‘em, you know what I mean? So I think in that regard, he was one of the greatest.”

It’s not known when Roman Reigns will return to WWE television, but he’s likely going to get time off in the months ahead.

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