Rob Van Dam Plans To Silence Doubters In AEW Debut Match

rob van dam rvd aew chair

As he prepares for his first match in AEW, Rob Van Dam remains confident just like when he was in the prime of his career.

It was last Wednesday on AEW Dynamite when Rob Van Dam made his first appearance ever in All Elite Wrestling. The reason for it is because the new FTW Champion Jack Perry was ripping on ECW (the FTW Title was created by Taz in ECW over 25 years ago), which led to AEW’s Jerry Lynn, who is an ECW legend, to interrupt.

Going into last week’s Dynamite, AEW had promoted Perry and Lynn having some sort of face to face showdown. However, Lynn said he’s retired while having plates & screws inserted into his neck, so he called on a friend to deal with Perry.

That led to Rob Van Dam entering to his classic ECW theme song “Walk” by Pantera. RVD confronted Perry in the ring, but Perry escaped before RVD could hit him. Later in the show, RVD challenged Perry to a match this week on Dynamite, which AEW made official.

Rob Van Dam Going Plans To Prove Doubters Wrong On AEW Dynamite

On a new episode of his 1 Of A Kind podcast, Rob Van Dam stated that a lot of people doubting him will regret it.

“Dude, there’s going to be a lot of doubters put to shame next week. Let me just put it that way.”

“One dude said, ‘He’s too old and fragile for beating his body up. Like, I don’t identify with old. I don’t because I don’t feel old and but I understand that at 52, the younger people would look at that as ‘old.’ I get that. So it is what it is … I’m not insulted, but I don’t identify with it because I feel great.”

While the age of 52 might sound old for RVD, he’s also the same age as AEW’s first World Champion Chris Jericho, who is one of the most durable wrestlers ever, just like RVD was for most of his career.