Rob Van Dam Reveals Which Injury Scared Him The Most

Rob Van Dam Reveals Which Injury Scared Him The Most
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Rob Van Dam recently shared a chilling account of a near-catastrophic injury he endured during a high-stakes match.

In an interview with Wrestling Shoot Interviews, Rob Van Dam recounted the heart-stopping moment when a shattered table fragment sliced across his eyelid, leaving it hanging precariously. Describing the incident in vivid detail, Van Dam explained how he and fellow wrestler Sabu were executing a daring double leg drop off opposite top ropes onto Bam Bam Bigelow, who lay prone on a table below. However, the table broke in an unexpected manner, with a section of it collapsing outward instead of cleanly breaking, causing a jagged piece of wood to slash across Van Dam’s eyelid.

I believe we both jumped off to do a double leg drop and the table instead of just breaking in like you would expect it to and want it to, this one did that but it also broke here. And so the part that was supported by the leg fell to the outside and so there was an effect where it went like this. And so the piece of wood, as I was going down, sliced right across my eyelid and that and that was hanging down there

The severity of the injury was immediately apparent, requiring Van Dam to undergo emergency medical treatment. Remarkably, he received seven stitches to reattach his eyelid that very night, demonstrating his incredible resolve and dedication to his craft.

I had to get it sewn back on later that night with I think seven stitches if I remember right,

Despite the pain and potential danger to his eyesight, Rob Van Dam displayed determination by returning to the ring later that evening. With his eyelid treated and taped up with white athletic tape, he competed in a handicap match against the Dudley Boyz.

As I remember, we took the white athletic tape and taped it around my head and I went back out and had a handicap match against the Dudley Boyz.

Which AEW Star Does Rob Van Dam Believe Is A Version Of Himself?

Rob Van Dam stated that he believes Orange Cassidy is a version of himself. He likened Cassidy’s laid-back and relaxed nature to his own and that he took that aspect of his character and turned it into a whole new character and that Van Dam enjoys that.

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