Rob Van Dam Opens Up About His Prescription Drug Addiction

Rob Van Dam Opens Up About His Prescription Drug Addiction

WWE Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam has offered a raw and unfiltered glimpse into his past struggles with the prescription drug Soma.

In a recent interview with Wrestling Shoot Interviews, Rob Van Dam opened up about his introduction to the drug, tracing it back to his time in the wrestling circuit, particularly during stints in Japan and earlier in Tampa. Van Dam revealed that the wrestling culture, especially among his Japanese crew, played a significant role in his initial exposure to Soma. Reflecting on his experiences, he disclosed consuming a substantial quantity of Somas, although he noted that other wrestlers consumed even larger amounts. He recounted an incident involving a fellow wrestler who arrived at his apartment with a jar containing 500 Somas, which led to weeks of continuous use and a haze of drug-induced moments.

Mike Lozansky, one time he and his girlfriend and their dog all showed up at my one-bedroom apartment where me and my evil ex lived. One time they showed up and they didn’t leave for several weeks, because he brought a jar of 500 Somas. And they just kept me Somaed up the whole time somehow I made it to the airport and back to go do my matches for the weekend. And then I would come back and there’s so many photos of me just spread eagle laying out laying on the carpet while they’re, you know stacking things on our faces or whatever, but I always have friends that took more than me and that was always kind of my safety guard, you know?

Despite his heavy usage, Rob Van Dam characterised his intake as a form of “safety guard,” citing friends who consumed larger quantities as a comparative measure. However, he also shared a poignant anecdote about a friend named Louie Spicolli, who tragically passed away due to changes in his drug-taking routine. Van Dam emphasised the dangers of drug abuse, recalling how Spicolli’s attempt to alter his consumption pattern, by mixing different substances, ultimately led to his demise.

Louie would take 100 in one night. The most I took was like 38 so I thought I was pretty safe but yeah 100 and when he died, it was from him not taking as many and trying to make up for it by mixing ‘I don’t need 100 Somas I can just do 50 Somas if I also take like four yellow Valium and one Halcion, and if I drink one bottle of wine’ and that’s what did it man was trying to change his routine up like that, ultimately.

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