Road Dogg On AEW – “Inmates Can Only Run The Asylum So Long”

Road Dogg WWE

WWE Hall of Famer Road Dogg has given his candid thoughts on the state of AEW and says “the inmates can only run the asylum for so long.”

Unrest has been the prevalent word used to describe the backstage goings on in AEW over the past several months. Back in May, it was the contract situation of MJF dominating the headlines with a strong chance that the star wasn’t going to be seen again in the company.

That situation resolved itself with the star returning at All Out but it was at that show that even bigger problems surfaced. At the post-show press conference, CM Punk laid bare his anger at several people including company EVPs The Young Bucks. This led to a physical altercation for which Punk, his friend and AEW producer Ace Steel, Kenny Omega, and The Bucks are still serving a suspension. The latest reports suggest that Punk could be on his way out of AEW permanently.

Speaking on his Oh You Didn’t Know podcast, WWE SVP Road Dogg gave his thoughts on the state of AEW and clearly indicates that he believes some of the talents were wielding too much power:

“Yeah, yeah, look, I think as far as they go, you could dang sure put a really good show on Friday night, if you wanted to, and utilise some of those Wednesday night talents that you might think because you got a lot of them. And so I just don’t think they use theirs wisely and look that was just you know the inmates can only run the asylum for so long and that’s how I feel about that.”

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