Road Dogg Names Favorite WWE Storylines He Helped Create Including KofiMania

road dogg wwe

Road Dogg is happy to share the storylines he worked on from backstage in WWE.

Road Dogg had a successful in-ring career as a wrestler but he also enjoyed quite a bit of success as a backstage hand. His experience with WWE’s inner workings eventually led to him being in charge of creative for SmackDown for a few years.

During that period, Road Dogg either oversaw or directly managed several storylines great and small on the blue brand. Speaking on an edition of his Oh You Didn’t Know podcast, he explained which the fondness he has for working on or overseeing “KofiMania”, that is, Kofi Kingston’s sudden rise to main event status that culminated in his WWE title win at WrestleMania 35.

“KofiMania I love, didn’t produce the matches itself but wrote and executed or directed the execution of the story in the build-up to it. … but I was the lead writer of the show that we did it on, so I had an influence on that. Hugely important to me, I love it for every reason that everybody else loved it.”

In addition, Road Dogg named some of his other favorite storylines he was a part of.

“The fact that I loved that — come on it’s AJ and Samoa Joe — but I also had the opportunity to co-author a children’s book that I thought was really good. The other one I loved was when Randy Orton was in the Wyatt Family and burned that house down. I know everybody has different feelings about that stuff, but I loved it. It was awesome.”

h/t WrestlingInc for the transcription