“These Are My Legitimate Feelings” – Road Dogg Defends Controversial Bret Hart Comments

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Road Dogg is standing by comments made towards Bret Hart, having stated that he was a “better sports entertainer” than ‘The Hitman’.

Road Dogg made headlines recently when he stated that Bret Hart wasn’t that great a wrestler. The WWE veteran went as far as to say that he was a “better sports entertainer” than Hart ever was. The comments, understandably, brought immense heat upon Road Dogg, owing to the fact that Hart is often referred to as one of the best to ever lace a pair of boots.

Rather hilariously, the comments were even referenced on the November 9 AEW Dynamite, as Dax Harwood applied a Sharpshooter on Austin Gunn. This came after Gunn performed a dance akin to that of Road Dogg. Harwood has previously gone on record to voice his admiration and love for Bret Hart, going so far as to have been managed by ‘The Excellence of Execution’.

Speaking on his Oh…You Didn’t Know? podcast, Road Dogg stood by his controversial comments, stating that this is how he truly feels, although he certainly never meant for the comments to drum up the debates that they did:

“I didn’t mean to stir it up. These are my legitimate feelings that I thought I put out there as honestly as I could. It’s just my opinion. Bret and I get along to this day.”

Elaborating, Road Dogg stated that he should be free to state whether or not he believes Bret Hart is a great performer:

“That is fair to say and I feel that way today, even though everybody has been really angry at me on Twitter. It’s just my opinion. Hyperbole is the verbiage of the day and everything is the best or the worst, and today, I’m on the worst and so I’m sorry. I’m sorry I shared an opinion on a platform I was given in order to share my opinion. If you ask me to go out there and entertain a crowd, I would have different ways to do that other than grappling and wrestling. I stand by that, right now.”

Road Dogg returned to WWE this past fall, replacing Jeff Jarrett as WWE’s Senior Vice President, Live Events. He’d previously been released from his behind-the-scenes duties in January, alongside William Regal, Ace Steel, and several others.

H/T to Wrestling Inc.