Road Dogg Claims Brock Lesnar Refused To Work With WWE Star

Brock Lesnar

Former WWE Champion Brock Lesnar allegedly refused to work with a top WWE Superstar according to company SVP, Road Dogg.

In late 2017, Survivor Series was going to be the battleground once again between Raw and SmackDown with brand supremacy on the line. As part of the festivities, a bout was scheduled between Raw’s Universal Champion Brock Lesnar and SmackDown’s WWE Champion Jinder Mahal. But that bout never happened.

Twelve days before their Survivor Series meeting, Mahal lost his crown to AJ Styles, meaning it was The Phenomenal One who went 0ne-on-one with The Beast Incarnate.

Rumours suggested that Lesnar had refused to work with Jinder Mahal but speaking on his Oh You Didn’t Know podcast, Road Dogg – who worked behind the scenes at the time – says that wasn’t the case. However, the WWE Hall of Famer did drop a name in that he had heard Brock Lesnar had nixed a match with:

I want to clarify, it is not that he did not want to work with Jinder. It’s that he really thought he could have a better match with AJ. So I just wanted that to be clear. Like because look, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Brock saying I don’t want [to], I’m not working with that guy. Well, I did, I did hear that with Kevin Owens, but only him.”

“Look, Brock is that kind of talent, like I just talked about, has a special relationship with Vince. And so apparently they had a conversation and, a decision, a creative decision was made. We’re gonna go with AJ Styles as a champion into this tournament at Night of Champions.”

Kevin Owens and Brock Lesnar have never met one-on-one on WWE television but the two men did face off at a live event in Madison Square Garden in March 2017.

h/t Inside The Ropes