Rising Star Tips Dragon Lee For WWE Success

dragon lee wwe nxt north american champion

Dragon Lee continues to impress in WWE while one of his peers had some kind words to say about the NXT North American Champion.

From the moment he got to WWE, it was obvious that Dragon Lee was a man with a bright future. Rey Mysterio has praised him heavily as the future of Lucha Libre while WWE has already moved Lee from NXT to Smackdown at a pace much faster than most NXT wrestlers.

At WWE NXT Deadline on December 9th, Dragon Lee defeated Dominik Mysterio to become the NXT North American Champion. Rey Mysterio was on hand to congratulate Lee on the win while Dominik didn’t have anybody from The Judgment Day by his side for the match.

Since then, Dragon Lee has defended the NXT North American Title as a fighting champion. This past Tuesday on NXT, Dragon Lee beat Joe Coffey and Charlie Dempsey in an entertaining triple threat match to retain the title.

Santos Escobar is a former member of the LWO group who recently turned heel on Rey and the group. Escobar has faced Dragon Lee before and likely will again. While speaking on the Wrestling With Freddie podcast with Freddie Prinze Jr, Escobar praised Dragon Lee.

“Dragon Lee is going to be a big star. It’s pretty obvious that he’s got something going on. He’s been on the main roster for less than two months. He already had his first one-on-one at a premium live event. (We have) crazy chemistry.”

“Triple H said it in the press conference after. Two lucha guys that bring more than just being two lucha guys. That’s what I wanted. That was my vision. I know the urge is there, you have 12 to 15 minutes, to go out and just do crazy stuff, but the truth is, if you stay lucha, you stay lucha. I want to create a hybrid, much like we did with Lucha Underground and other places. Try to bring my style with the American style, so anyone that watches the show will connect and understand what I’m trying to do.”

“Also, because I want to work with Randy [Randy Orton], I want to work with Roman [Roman Reigns], I want to work with everyone out there. Keeping myself in a box is not going to help me. I needed to portray this and share this vision. Dragon Lee, he’s got it.”

Dragon Lee Defending The NXT North Title On WWE SmackDown

Even though Dragon Lee already defending the NXT North American Title on NXT this week, he will defend it on the December 22nd episode of Smackdown as well. On Smackdown, Lee will defend his title against Butch in a match that was already taped one week earlier.

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