Rikishi On What He Told The Undertaker Before Taking Massive Bump

rikishi wwe hell in a cell bump

Rikishi has opened up about what he was feeling during the biggest bump of his WWE career in a Hell in a Cell match.

The main event of WWE’s Armageddon 2000 PPV was loaded with star power as Kurt Angle defended the WWE Championship in a Hell in a Cell Match against Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H, The Undertaker, and Rikishi. Everybody in that match is already in the WWE Hall of Fame while The Rock will obviously be in there some day.

It was the only time WWE did a six-man Hell in a Cell match because it was about two years later when they started doing the Elimination Chamber match with six wrestlers involved.

Perhaps the most memorable moment of that Hell in a Cell match was when The Undertaker Chokeslammed Rikishi off the side of the cage and Rikishi went back-first onto a bed of hay that was part of the back of a truck. It would take Rikishi out of the match while Angle would end up winning the match.

While talking to Metro, Rikishi admitted that he nearly divorced his wife due to taking the bump due to the way he risked his health. As he spoke about the bump, he admitted that he still feels the effects of that bump nearly 25 years later.

“You already prepped your mind, you know, “I can only get this opportunity one time. I can either take it or back out”, and I chose to take it. And, you know, years later, I’m still getting residuals over 25 years from that bump.’”

“As wrestlers, you can prep to be able to so easy to see where you’re going to fall. But when you’re going backwards, and not really seeing which way you’re gonna go this way. It was, it was definitely intimidating moment for me.”

Rikishi Had A Message For The Undertaker

As he continued, the 400-pound wrestling legend shared his concern over taking such a big bump.

“This flatbed had no railings on the side during the walkthrough. But during the show, when this flatbed came out, there was railings. So now, my whole nervous system just went berserk.”

“Because if I didn’t hit that target my whole body go right through that aluminum rail. I mean, I wouldn’t be sitting here talking to you.”

When they were on the cage, The Undertaker told RIkishi he didn’t have to do it, but the big man was insistent on doing it.

“There was no way I was gonna back out of it. As soon as he gave me the chokeslam, he says, “You ready?” I said, “Tell my family I love them.'”

“I didn’t know if I was still alive. Trying to move my move, I was just still – all I could hear was “Holy s**t”. I said, “Okay. My ears work”. But I was just waiting for my body.”

“It worked out good. As well as, like a reaction, I get the chills when I tell that story. It’s just something that I don’t talk about too much.”

In present-day WWE, Rikishi has three sons who are wrestlers for the company. It appears as though his twin boys Jey & Jimmy Uso are set for a match at WrestleMania 40 while his third son Solo Sikoa is a star on the rise.