Rikishi Cites “Promoter Mistake” After Seeming To Spoil WWE Payback Plans

Rikishi WWE

Though Rikishi seemed to spoil his involvement at WWE Payback in a now-deleted post, he says the issue is down to a promoter’s mistake.

At first glance, a recent social media post from Rikishi didn’t seem to be anything out of the ordinary and was simply announcing an upcoming meet and greet opportunity in Carlsbad, CA.

However, eagle-eyed fans soon noticed a line of text on the graphic that stood out, seeming to spoil the WWE Hall of Famer’s role at the upcoming WWE Payback event in Pittsburgh, PA. In addition to listing the star’s accolades, the graphic also read:

“Come meet Rikishi before he referees at WWE Payback”

Involvement from the WWE Hall of Famer would make a great deal of sense as his sons are currently at war with one another after Jimmy Uso shockingly turned on his brother Jey at SummerSlam.

However, within an hour of being posted, Rikishi had taken the graphic down and replaced it with the line about Payback removed, leading many fans to wonder if the line had been a mistake or whether he was trying to hide his future involvement after seemingly posting a huge spoiler.

Rikishi Says The WWE Payback Claim Was a “Promoter Mistake”

According to the star himself, there is no truth to the idea that he’s set to referee a match at Payback. When one fan shared a screenshot of the original graphic, Rikishi wrote the following, claiming that he didn’t spoil anything:

“Wrong promoter mistake”