Ricochet Names A Major Goal He Has In WWE


Ricochet wants to accomplish a specific goal that can only happen once per year.

Ricochet has been with WWE for five years and in that time he has already accomplished many things. He has won three singles titles: the Intercontinental Championship, the United States Championship, and the NXT North American Championship.

But he isn’t satisfied with lower-tier titles and vows to achieve something that only a select few have managed to do.

Ricochet’s top priority is to win WWE’s Royal Rumble

Speaking to Andreas Hale, Ricochet explained that he wants to win the Royal Rumble because that is one of the most challenging matches to win but the reward is more than worth it.

“The opportunity, the prestige, what it gets you, but also, I feel like one thing that the Royal Rumble shows is the will, the determination, the guts, what you’re willing to go through to accomplish something.”

Additionally, he sees himself as being in a similar position as Shawn Michaels and Rey Mysterio: a much smaller performer that can last the whole match if he needs to and still have the stamina to win the whole thing.

“The Rey Mysterios, Shawn Michaels, doing it all, I don’t have to be first and do the whole thing, you know what I mean? If I come out first, I still plan on winning. I feel like with what Ricochet is capable of doing. I feel like that’s no problem.

I feel like the Royal Rumble, especially if you come out early, shows that tenacity and just everything about what it takes to win, and it’s always been my favorite event. Having everybody out there fighting over something, I love it.”

Ricochet’s most recent high-profile singles match was at SummerSlam when he took on Logan Paul in the event’s opening match. Despite coming close to winning, Paul won when he used brass knuckles behind the referee’s back.

h/t Fightful