Ricky Steamboat Changed AEW’s Plans For Ricky Starks To “Get Some Heat On This Kid”

Ricky Starks Ricky Steamboat AEW Collision

WWE Hall of Famer Ricky Steamboat changed original plans for Ricky Starks on an episode of AEW Collision.

On the August 5th episode of AEW Collision, Ricky Steamboat served as special guest referee for a strap match between CM Punk and Ricky Starks. When the bout’s main referee was knocked out, Steamboat stepped in, counting the three when Punk rolled up Starks for the win.

Enraged, Starks attacked the WWE Hall of Famer, hitting Steamboat with his own belt.

Speaking in an interview with Sportskeeda’s WrestleBinge, Ricky Steamboat revealed that he wasn’t a fan of the original plans for the post-match angle.

“They suggested an outcome that I didn’t like. I said, ‘Look, you’re doing a slow turn with this kid, Ricky Starks, and trying to turn him heel and what you’re suggesting is, there’s not going to be any heat on him. So I made the suggestion of what everybody saw, and I said, ‘I’d like to put some heat on this kid’, and so everything carried out to the tee.”

“We Got To Turn This Around” – Ricky Steamboat On Changing Plans For Ricky Starks On AEW Collision

Continuing, Ricky Steamboat explained that he was originally meant to chase Ricky Starks away in a feel-good moment for the crowd, but he didn’t think that would be helpful to the young star.

“They had a result where everything would go down as it was and then as he would spin me around and try to take a shot, I would block it and give him some big chops and he take a bump through the ropes out on the floor and then scurry up the ramp. It would be like a happy, happy moment.

“I’m thinking and I’m picturing this, and I said, ‘Well, where’s the heat there? Where’s the heat for the kid?’ Number one, I caught him with his foot on the ropes. So that was a happy moment. The referee got knocked down, so I did my job. I was the second, so I got in the ring and he got counted 1-2-3, so there’s another happy moment.

“Then to spin me around, I block the punch, the cheap shot, and then hit him with big chops and then a big double chop and he takes that bump on the floor, and then tail between his legs and scurrying up the ramp to the back. There’s absolutely no heat and plus the fact you know, I’m 70 and they’re gonna say,’God, Starks, a 70-year old man, you know, an old timer just whipped up on you.’

“I said, ‘We got to turn this around to where, you know, he’s got to catch me off guard and sucker me and get me down and do something to where it’s almost to the point of disgusting and shameful.’”