Ricky Starks Names Titles He Is Going For In AEW

ricky starks aew

Ricky Starks has his eye on not only the AEW All-Atlantic title, but also the World and TNT titles and the ambitious Starks is scheduled to be in the first match against Lance Archer of the AEW World Championship Eliminator tournament, which concludes at Full Gear.

The winner will then be given the opportunity at the AEW World Title this December at ‘Winter is Coming’ and during a virtual signing with The Asylum Wrestling Store, Starks said he would be pursuing the All-Atlantic and TNT Championship titles.

Ricky Starks said:

“That [All-Atlantic Title] is well within my reach as well. So is the AEW Championship, heavyweight championship and TNT. There is no reason why I can’t have all three.”

When asked if he would be interested in another tag team run, Ricky Starks said he also has no plans to go back into a tag team partnership and right now prefers singles matchups.

“Definitely not [Starks said when asked if he sees himself getting back into a tag team]. Yeah, no tag team for me. Just gonna stay solo dolo. But you know, TNT [Title] is also another thing I wanna take on so, I’m trying to go for that as well.”

H/T POST Wrestling