Ricky Morton Explains Why Wrestlers Should Slow Down During Matches

Ricky Morton
Ricky Morton

Ricky Morton wishes he could actively coach today’s wrestlers.

As one-half of the Rock N’ Roll Express, Ricky Morton wrestled all over the US and beyond. Morton is one of the most revered wrestlers in American history. He has also earned a reputation for being both selfless in the ring and being amazing at selling for his opponents.

Morton was so incredible at selling a beating during a match that a babyface in peril is often called ‘playing Ricky Morton’ by wrestling industry experts.

It’s with that reputation in mind that Morton is telling today’s wrestlers to ‘slow down’.

Speaking on the Under The Ring Podcast, Morton thinks that many of today’s wrestlers are doing more harm than good by trying to cram 20 minutes’ worth of action into five-minute matches.

“Nowadays, everything is such a hurry. The guys try to put a 20-minute match into five minutes. And as an average wrestling fan, they’re sitting there watching and they don’t understand.

I want to put this back in there, like, if you go to a Broadway show, they’re not going 100 miles-per-hour. They’re up there on that stage making you understand, clearly, every word that they’re saying — and in our business clearly every move that they’re doing — to tell the story that you’re trying to get over. I’d like to put that back into it and make these guys understand what our business is really about.”

Morton emphasized in the interview that wrestlers are “on stage”, even if they’re on TV. Because of that, matches need a certain pacing to avoid overwhelming the audience.

h/t WrestlingInc. for the transcription