Rick Ross Expressed His Heart With Dynamite F-Bomb

Rick Ross

Rick Ross caused a stir with his appearance on AEW Dynamite after he dropped an f-bomb before leaving with Swerve Strickland’s new group.

On Dynamite Holiday Bash, Rick Ross was in attendance to try and mediate a meeting between the former AEW Tag Team Champions but meditation was not on Strickland’s mind.

Strickland warned Lee to have eyes in the back of his head before Lee was viciously attacked by Parker Boudreaux who had been a part of Ari Daivari’s Trustbusters faction. Keith Lee was able to get the better of Boudreaux before being assaulted by an unknown assailant, who turned out to be former baseball player Granden Goetzman.

Goetzman and Boudreaux held Lee down with a cinder block on his chest to allow Swerve Strickland to hit his double foot stomp through the block and onto Lee. All three men were wearing clothing branded with the words “Mogul Affiliates.”

However, before all that took place Rick Ross was in the ring with Keith Lee and went viral as he said what many fans are always thinking when they see him as he told Keith Lee “you a big mothef*cker.”

Speaking on Busted Open Radio, Rick Ross discussed his appearance and says nobody dared question his decision to drop an f-bomb on live television:

“It was real cool. I got up close on Keith Lee and realized how big his traps was. Me up close to him, he looked like he weighs between 360-370. He’s a big motherf*cker.”

“I’m taking you behind the scenes. This is the biggest boss in the game, Ricky Rozay, so no one can tell me what to say. You see, it was a gift for me to be there. But I love AEW, but it was a huge gift. When I got in there, I may have had other things on my mind. But like I said, when Keith Lee kind of turned his back to me and I realized the size and width of his shoulders and his trapezoids, I just had to express my heart. He’s a big motherf*cker. He really is.”