Ric Flair Reveals Vince McMahon Personally Got Him Back In WWE Opening

Ric Flair walks to ring

WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair has revealed that it was former Chairman Vince McMahon that personally saw to it that Flair was put back in WWE’s signature opening.

Following the furore that arose from the Dark Side Of The Ring episode that featured the infamous ‘Plane Ride From Hell’ Ric Flair was removed from WWE’s signature opening that airs at the beginning of all WWE programming. Flair was accused in the episode of serious sexual harassment on the flight by one of the flight attendants – allegations that Flair strenuously denies.

Ric Flair was later reinstated into the “Then. Now. Forever. Together” signature and on his To Be The Man podcast says it was Vince McMahon who saw to it that The Nature Boy was put back in. According to Flair’s timeline, the message confirming he was back came just days before McMahon stepped down as WWE Chairman:

“I want to read this in closing, because you brought up Vince McMahon. ‘Hey, Ric,’ this is July 4th. Hey, ‘Ric, as of tonight’s Raw, you’re back in the opening of our TV shows. You’re going to be so proud of your documentary. I always keep my word. Happy Fourth. Vince McMahon.’ Doesn’t Eric Bischoff wish he could say that? I always keep my word. And Arn would say he’d rather climb a tree and tell a lie than stand on the ground and tell the truth.”

Ric Flair also offered a rebuttal to Eric Bischoff’s claims that he is a “whiny baby” by calling the former WCW President “an arrogant dick.”

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